Got Bees?

The Puget Sound Beekeepers Association will pick up your wild swarm of bees from a tree and many structures.

It’s a phone call away; just call, or go online to the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association. There you will find a list of beekeepers in your area to collect the bees.

Ensure they are “Honey bees” by putting out a plate of honey for them – if they swarm to the honey, they are honey bees – if unsure, put out a piece of raw or cooked meat and a piece of cut fresh fruit like a plum or peach; if they swarm to that, they are Yellow Jackets, and need to be dealt with in a different way!

Please check – before you spray or kill the swarm – if you are not sure what a honey bee looks like – talk to a neighbor or go online for pictures.  We need the bees!

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