December Gardening in King County, WA

Lets see, we have sunny skies, 64 degrees, 2-3 MPH winds from the north, just another day in … Whoa that was some daydream.

Most likely the forecast for San Diego, not up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Chances are we have overcast skies, maybe lots of precipitation in the form of rain and scattered showers, temperatures in the mid and lower forties and the prospect of going outside and working in the garden is not all that appealing for any of us who prefer the nice weather of the Spring and Summer, when it truly is a treat to be out of doors enjoying our climes.  Now I am one who believes in the adage that there is truly no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.   Any of us who have lived in this area long enough know this to be true.  So don’t let the weather stop you from getting out and having the fun that is gardening. Now is an excellent time to clean up your garden beds that are full of debris, leaves, and the spent remnants of annuals and vegetables.  Time to protect those plants that won’t survive our December and January freezes.  You know what to do, so outside of the rest of life that might get in the way of our Gardening chores,  make that special effort to get out and do those little clean up chores and pruning and mulching that your garden will thank you for come Springtime which is just around the corner again.

This is a great time to get your arsenal of tools in good shape for the upcoming season.   Get your shears and loppers and any other tools that might need cleaning and sharpening ready for next year.  If you are able of doing this yourself, great.  If not, get your tools to a qualified professional to perform these services for you,  This is the off season for those folks and the business would be appreciated and you will be ready to go come springtime instead of having a 2-3 week wait during the approaching springtime.  This time of year also lends a great opportunity to take inventory of your tools and see what you think may be in need of replacement.  Buying a quality gardening tool and doing just a little maintenance can give your helping hand tool a lifetime of service to you.   Make sure you know what seeds you have on hand and make a list to take with you in order not to unnecessarily replace the items you already possess.

When the sun goes down earlier in the fall months this can afford a real great opportunity to go use your Public Library and check some great resources on all Gardening related subjects.  You can plan new approaches, gain new insight and generally increase you knowledge with an investment of your time and reading skills.  I love the books with the pictures.  Take a look sometime at the KCLS listing of CD’s and VHS material on gardening subjects.  You may be surprised at what is available to use and learn by.

Mark Pival
King County Master Gardener-Burien Clinic

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