Weeds and Water

  Drip irrigation—Photo credit: MG Linda Shepherd 

Photo credits: MGs Gia Parsons (purslane) & Linda Shepherd (dandelions & irrigation system)

Weeds and Water

When does a plant become a weed? What’s the best way to water your garden?

Learn to identify, prevent, and control common garden weeds such as chickweed, purslane, plantain, groundsel, pigweed, willow herb, lambsquarters, dead nettles, stinging nettles, dandelion, yellow wood sorrel, quack grass, reed canary grass, field bindweed, creeping buttercup, and dock.

Discover the best way to water your garden during our dry summers. Designing an irrigation system can be daunting, but this class will help you understand the drawbacks of overhead watering and how, instead, to use flow restrictors, manifolds, timers, soakers, connectors, and various types of emitters.

Below are resources to enhance your learning.

Weeds 4-28-2021 PPT Slides

Watering 4-28-2021 PPT Slides



  • WateringHome Gardens and Landscape Plants — WSU Extension Publication EB1090, a free 6-page http://pubs.cahnrs.wsu.edu/publications/pubs/eb1090/online publication, covers best practices for watering plants and strategies for conserving water.
  • Drip Irrigation for the Yard & Garden  — WSU Extension Publication FS030E, a free 6-page online publication, provides an overview of drip irrigation systems, including the benefits and costs, the various components, and the basics of design and operation of such systems.
  • Some Vegetables Require Less Water Than Others  — a free download PDF publication by Oregon State University Extension Service about the water needs of various vegetables.

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