Seed Starting

 Seeds & seed pots—Photo credit: MG Jessica Klein DiStefano Seedlings—Photo credit: MG Jessica Klein DiStefano   

Photo credit: MG Jessica Klein-DiSteffano

Seed Starting

Growing plants from seeds is a magical process. So much is created from each tiny seed! When you plant from seed, you get to choose from intriguing and unusual varieties that at aren’t available commercially as transplants. While seed starting is relatively easy, it has it challenges due to the specific germination requirements of certain seeds. In Western Washington, some warm weather vegetables such as tomatoes must be started inside in order to produce fruit by the end of our growing season.

Learn when to plant seeds indoors or outdoors, and how to raise, harden-off and plant transplants. Get tips on how to warm the soil and speed germination. Recognize the importance of tracking and labeling rows with the crop name and planting date. Learn what “open pollinated (OP)” means and discover the consequences of saving seed from hybrid varieties.

Below are resources to enhance your learning.

Seed Starting PPT Slides

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