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Master Gardeners are ready to answer your gardening questions, and now there is more than one way to reach our Master Gardener experts:

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Email Your Questions and Photos to a Master Gardener for Help

Here’s how to connect with us. You may send emails and photos directly to To help us better diagnose a plant problem, it is important to include details in your email message such as:

  • What is the name of your plant, if known?
  • What type of damage are you seeing and when did it start?
  • Which parts of the plant are affected? For example, flower, leaf, stem, fruit, etc.
  • How the plant is watered and how much? For example, hand watered 3 times a week for 10 minutes, or no irrigation except rainfall.
  • Where the plant is located? For example, in a garden bed or in the lawn, next to a driveway or house, in full or part sun, facing what direction.

Photographs of your plant problem, plant identification or insect identification are helpful.

Here are some hints about the photos that will best show evidence of a problem and will help us make a correct diagnosis or identification:

  • Please make sure your photographs are clear and not blurry. We ask that you check this before sending them.
  • Show the damaged or problem plant in the landscape along with other plants to provide additional clues to the probable cause of the problem.
  • Show the base of the plant at the soil line to determine root issues.
  • Show both live branches/limbs and leaves, dead or dying branches/limbs and leaves to help us determine the spread.
  • Show buds and flowers to help with plant identification.
  • Show the insect if that is the suspected culprit in the damage, along with the kinds of damage you are seeing.

Both information and photographs may be sent directly to the Email Clinic at ask-a-mastergardener at

Talk with a Master Gardener in our In-Person Plant Clinics

The King County Master Gardener in-person plant clinics are open until October 1. Please look for the familiar Ask-a-Master Gardener booth at a farmers market or store nearby during our seasonal clinics. Here is the map of Master Gardener Plant Clinics and Demonstration Gardens in King County to help you find ones close to you.

Updated October 2022

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