April is Election Month for King County Master Gardeners

All Master Gardeners in King County are eligible to vote for members of the Board of Trustees of the Master Gardener Foundation of King County, including those MGs who have completed their training this March and who have indicated their desire to be a member of the Foundation.

Chaired this year by Carol Rubado, the Search Committee is looking for a few (six, in fact) good men – and women – to be members of the Foundation Board of Trustees.  The Foundation is critical to all of our MG activities and programs, and it is the Board who guides its activities.  In fact, the Foundation funds all of our programs except Training.

You may be just the person the Board needs.  Or you may know a fellow MG who would be that person.  Special skills are always welcome, of course, but it doesn’t take any special skills to be a Board member.  It only takes an interest in the program and the willingness to be an active participant.  The Board meets once a month for about two hours (2nd Thursday of the month), generally at CUH, but also in south King County and on the Eastside.  And, in the summer, the Board rotates meetings around our various demo gardens.  Board members are also involved in committee activities to the extent possible – we all have different schedules and demands on our time.  Terms are for three years unless elected to fill an unexpired term.

Contact Carol Rubado at lcrubado@hughes.net or at 253-569-8315 with questions, suggestions, or to indicate your interest.

Watch for your electronic ballot after the middle of April and be sure to vote.  New Board members will be seated in June.

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