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If you have career skills you have shelved or just not found a use for as a Master Gardener, and you would like to dust them off once in a while, we are looking for you. The Foundation is interested in what made you special in your career and in finding a place for you among our various committees and projects. Watch for opportunities open to all Master Gardeners in the our newsletters and emails from the Program Office. There are opportunities to earn support hours at various community events around the county, check out our Volunteers – Help Needed page to sign up.

Much of the important work of our Foundation is handled by our teams and committees. You do not need to be a member of the BoarVolunteer to help the Foundationd of Directors in order to participate on a committee, and yet you can have a big impact. Also, time spent working on Foundation matters does count as Program Support hours. We would like to have you help us meet new challenges. Are you up for it? Here are some of our current needs.

  1. Are you handy with graphics or websites?

Are you proficient in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator? Do you know how to use Microsoft Publisher? Do you like to design flyers, posters, handouts? Do you have a little time for a one-off project or are you interested in belonging to a group that bats about ideas and concepts for publicity and communication projects?

OR Are you a little techy? Or a lot techy? Are familiar with using WordPress? Are you a social media guru?Would you like to help with new web tools that the Foundation is trying to use?

Are you a web wonk? Would you like to work with us to update materials on the Foundation website, researching new links, adding blogs or providing new resources?

If any or all of these ideas strike a chord with you, please contact us at communicate@mgfkc.org .

  1. Membership/’Calling HR Professionals’

Did you know that our Foundation has a committee dedicated to finding ways to ensure that we have a great experience as part of the Master Gardener Program? Do you have an HR background or a passion about how we recognize and appreciate the efforts of our fabulous Master Gardeners? Please consider joining the Membership Committee.

If you have an interest in serving on the Membership Committee or have any questions about what is involved, please contact our President at president@mgfkc.org.

  1. Are you an author? Do you like to write? Join our Communications Team!

Do you enjoy writing, research, interviewing or photography? Have you worked in PR or Media Relations? We invite you to join the MGF Communications Committee and help us reach out to other Master Gardeners, the media and the public. Please consider sharing your skills and abilities with our team.

For more information about how you can work with us in any of these areas, contact Marty Byrne at communicate@mgfkc.org.

  1. Earn your Support Hours and help the Foundation support the MG Program in King County

Foundation members do not have to be a member of the Board to serve on Committees. Working on a Foundation committee is an opportunity to earn support hours. There are a number of committees that could use your expertise. Find out more about the Board the the committees.

Updated September 2019

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