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Mason Bee Habitat Measurements

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From 3/8th inch Plywood – “Cut and Assemble

2 ea 9X8           Sides

1 ea 12X8         Back

1 ea 12X13       Top

1 ea 9X13         Bottom

This “box” will hold “six – ½ gal plastic milk cartons (just cut off the top, making a six inch plastic container)”.  This box will hold about 450 “Roll Your Own” paper Nesting Tubes, enough for about 4000, “Pollinating Bees”.  These Mason Bees pollinate your trees, March-May/June – when nothing else is out to pollinate.  They only live about 100 days, then die, but have laid their eggs for next year’s crop. Continue Reading »

Blue Orchard Bees Mason Bees!

Pollination of food crops is essential to society, for without this pollination service, most fruits, nuts and other foods would simply disappear off our dinner tables.  Today, the world depends on a variety of pollinators to perform this task from a variety of sources: Honeybees and a number of other insects – and the hard working Mason Bee. [Originally posted June 2011]


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The Summer Garden

The Livin’ can be Easy in Summertime

Our lawns and gardens in King County are finally waking up after a spring that was so much cooler and wetter than normal. However, summer is usually a period of drought so it behooves us to consider water use and conservation in this beautiful region of ours. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes all of us in our village, whatever the size, to preserve the quality of the water all around us.

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Got Bees?

The Puget Sound Beekeepers Association will pick up your wild swarm of bees from a tree and many structures.

It’s a phone call away; just call, or go online to the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association. There you will find a list of beekeepers in your area to collect the bees.

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