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Watch your garden investment grow with trees

Garden investment grown with trees
Trees may not live forever, but they usually outlive the gardener who plants one to leave a lasting heritage. Think carefully about not only the kind of tree you select but also where you put it in the garden.

Along with the hardscape — paths, terraces, fences and garden shelters — trees form the bones of the garden. One of their most important functions is to give scale to a design; they provide the over-story. A mix of trees, shrubs and low plants fosters a plant community that lends richness to our gardens.

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April is Election Month for King County Master Gardeners

All Master Gardeners in King County are eligible to vote for members of the Board of Trustees of the Master Gardener Foundation of King County, including those MGs who have completed their training this March and who have indicated their desire to be a member of the Foundation.

Chaired this year by Carol Rubado, the Search Committee is looking for a few (six, in fact) good men – and women – to be members of the Foundation Board of Trustees.  The Foundation is critical to all of our MG activities and programs, and it is the Board who guides its activities.  In fact, the Foundation funds all of our programs except Training.

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President’s Message (03/11)

Every time a clinic shift comes up in my calendar, I look to see who I’m working with.  Having served as a Master Gardener now for several years, I know many of my clinic cohort and it’s nice to reconnect with folks I don’t always see regularly.  As much as I respect and enjoy my old friends, I especially love to work with interns.  I like getting to know the new folks, to hear what inspired them to become MGs, and to learn what they’re exploring in our county-wide public outreach efforts.  On a purely superficial level, it’s nice to sit with interns who think I know everything.  There’s so much more fun, though, in hearing what they bring from their own experience and the training they received.

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Bellevue Demonstration Garden in 2011

The snow has come and gone while the volunteers at BDG have been busy since the closing of the garden in October, planning and preparing for the 2011 garden year.  Already in 2011 Master Gardeners have had two general meetings and several Steering Committee meetings.  The seeds have been ordered and delivered, garden assignments and responsibilities are almost complete, materials have been ordered to outfit the old greenhouse with a new covering in preparation for planting the 1000 tomatoes for the MG Plant Sale and the garden annuals, the directory/handbook is nearing completion, 43 interns from the class of 2011 have signed up following our class presentation, 9 public workshops have been presented and 1 garden tour given as we await opening day Saturday, April 2.

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Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Gordon Polson helping out at the Master Gardener
booth at the Northwest Flower and Garden show.

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