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Will My Tree Blow Over?

It’s not unusual to find an assortment of large trees in residential landscapes throughout our coastal region.  Many of these trees are native to the area and undoubtedly not much thought was given to their eventual size when they were planted. As a result, towering one-hundred foot plus Douglas firs, Western Red Cedars and gigantic big leaf maples along with other tree species often dominate the garden landscape.  With meteorologists predicting a stormy winter, the question is often asked, just how safe are these huge trees?  Is there a chance they could lose major branches or even blow over?
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December Gardening in King County, WA

Lets see, we have sunny skies, 64 degrees, 2-3 MPH winds from the north, just another day in … Whoa that was some daydream.

Most likely the forecast for San Diego, not up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Chances are we have overcast skies, maybe lots of precipitation in the form of rain and scattered showers, temperatures in the mid and lower forties and the prospect of going outside and working in the garden is not all that appealing for any of us who prefer the nice weather of the Spring and Summer, when it truly is a treat to be out of doors enjoying our climes.  Now I am one who believes in the adage that there is truly no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.   Any of us who have lived in this area long enough know this to be true.  Continue Reading »

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