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Read all about what’s of interest in the November-December 2022 issue!

    • 2022 Master Gardeners of King County Recognition Celebration
    • Recertification Applications Due November 30
    • A Note from the Program Coordinator by Sarah Moore
    • Cultivate Knowledge: Why Does My Lawn Look Like a Buffet After the Guests Have Finished?
    • Thanks, WSU Master Gardeners!
    • Extension Master Gardener 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2023
    • Help publicize the 50th! Volunteers needed!
    • MGFKC Annual Appeal
    • MGFKC Board Welcomes Nancy Marshall as Treasurer
    • Is it Time to Plant Bulbs Yet? by MG Bruce Bennett
    • Northwest Flower & Garden Festival Discounted Tickets
    • Miller Library : Swamplands: Tundra Beavers, Quaking Bogs, and the Improbable World of Peat
    • More education Bellevue Botanical Garden, WNPS, and the KCD Online Plant Sale


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Propagation Notes

Dividing dahlia tubers

Photo Credit: F D Richards



Spring is a good time to divide established plants, and many herbaceous perennials need to be divided every few years anyway to stay healthy.

Plan to dig on a cool morning, preferably one with cloud cover – not too hard around here.  Learn about:

  • Dividing Fibrous-rooted Plants
  • Dividing Fleshy or Woody Crowned Plants
  • Dividing Suckers from Plants
  • Dividing Plants with Rhizomes
  • Dividing Plant with Tubers
  • Dividing Plants with Offset

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Heads UP!

2020 September-October Heads Up! Diagnostics Lab Newsletter

Newsletter of the Master Gardener King County Diagnostic Lab


Remember Fall 2019 Heads Up? 

Brush up on what was happening then and learn more about fall gardening in this issue:

  • Bugs of Summer
  • Autumn Aerobics
  • The Scoop on Poop
  • Planning the Winter Garden
  • Spiders, spiders and spiders
  • A Guide to Lawn Fertilizing

Read more in this issue of the newsletter from the Master Gardener Diagnostic Lab in King County.

Miss a past issue? Find it here.

Seeds for Thought

WSU Extension Master Gardener Program

August 2022 Newsletter from the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State

Read in this issue:

  • From the President by Don Enstrom, MGFWS President
  • WSU MG Program Update: Branding by Jennifer Marquis, Statewide Program Leader
  • 2022 WSU Master Gardener Advanced Education Conference is almost here!!
  • Seed Starting by Mason County MG Erika Stewart
  • Soil Your Undies Campaign is Underway by Grant-Adams County MG Mark Amara
  • Pest Management for the Lazy Gardener by Cowlitz County MG Alice Slusher

Back issues available on the State Foundation website:

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